SA Maritime Underwater Services (SAMUS) is pleased to announce it has received a job for ultra-shallow water bathymetric and coastal zone aerial mapping survey to support the archeological study of the ancient town of Perinthos in the Marmara region of Turkey 90 km West of Istanbul.

The project will be carried out in the partnership with the Asst. Prof. Dr. Caner İmren (İstanbul Technical University, Department of Geophysical Engineering)  and the support of head of the archeological project and the local Municipality of the Marmaraereğlisi. The survey will commence in Apr-May 2022 with an approximate duration of 4-6 weeks and will be acquired with the extensive use of the unmanned survey platforms, both marine – USV and airborne – UAV, featuring high resolution multibeam echosounder, LIDAR, and photogrammetric sensors payloads. The objective of the project is to deliver an invaluable advantage of the highly detailed and accurate geospatial baseline to help the regional authorities and the scientist better understand, communicate, and manage the excavation works on site.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Caner İmren commented:

Geophysical surveys in archaeological sites are getting more popular day by day with their precise results. There are numerous archaeological sites in Turkey, the homeland of several civilizations. It is essential to investigate each of these sites with the help of geophysical methods. One of the prime site called Perinthos-Heraklia is settled in Marmaraereğlisi/Tekirdağ/Türkiye. Perithos-Heraklia, the capital city of Roman Province Thrace, is a coastal town. Therefore, archaeological artifacts and their ruins exist not only on land but also in the marine. High-resolution multi-beam bathymetric surveys give remarkable results for demarking the unburied structures underwater. In addition, Lidar and photogrammetric surveys provide very high-resolution topographic data and 3D surface models. This study aims that determine the sensitive variance of sea bottom and surface morphology and enlighten the underwater and/or outcropped archaeological artifacts in the study region.

For further information:

SAMUS,,, +90 537 441 55 85

Asst. Prof. Dr. Caner İmren
İstanbul Technical University, Faculty of Mines, Department of Geophysical Engineering

About SAMUS:

SAMUS is a newly created Turkish survey company with a massive passion for the innovative technology focused on the delivery of safe, effective and reliable high-quality bathymetric, geophysical, subsea inspection, and aerial mappings survey services for a wide range of clients, from commercial seaports and private marinas harbor authorities, underwater assets owners, offshore renewable energy, oil & gas and public sector marine industries.